Police Officer Job Description

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Police officers are also referred to as law enforcement officers and they are focused on protecting property and people. A police officer will have a specific area to patrol, which will usually encompass a complete jurisdiction. The law enforcement officer will enforce laws, respond to calls, issue citations, arrest people and sometimes be called upon to testify during cases in courtrooms.

In addition, a police officer may respond to domestic dispute calls, make traffic stops and wait for other emergency service personnel to arrive (such as paramedics).

A typical work shift of a police officer will be spent writing reports, filling out forms and patrolling.

This is a position of responsibility and aspiring police officers will need to prove themselves worthy by having the right education and other prerequisites. In some cases, a high school diploma will be enough, but some police departments may ask for more in terms of education.

Are You Qualified for the Police Academy?

Qualifications vary from law enforcement agency to law enforcement agency. However, in America, there are some general qualifications. For example, an applicant will need to be a citizen of the USA and be twenty-one years of age or older. As well, the person will need to have a record which is free of felony convictions. Misdemeanors on an applicant’s record will be reviewed on a “case by case” basis.

As well, applicants may need to show financial responsibility. They will also have to pass physical fitness requirements and tests for hearing, medical and vision. If you enter into the hiring process, you may also anticipate needing to pass a background check, take a drug test, pass a written examination and a pass a psychological evaluation.

Salary Expectations for Police Officers

A typical annual salary for a police officer in America is currently $53,141. If this salary sounds good to you and you think that you have the right education, as well as the ability to pass other tests, then you should explore employment opportunities via your local police force. Most official police force websites post detailed information about how to apply and it’s quite common for law enforcement agencies to recruit on a regular basis.

This challenging career will push you to help the community by enforcing laws. It will require people skills, patience and attention to detail. You’ll also need to know how to use weapons and drive very well. This is a job position which contributes to public safety. In addition, teamwork will be required, as will respect for authority. There is a chain of command in law enforcement agencies which is valued and respected.

Now that you know a police officer job description, you’ll be ready to decide if this career pathway is right for you.


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