What You Need to Know About Urban Crime

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Urban crime happens in densely-populated cities, rather than rural areas. It’s more common in some cities than others. Today, we’d like to share some important information about urban crime in America…

Urban Crime Stats for the USA

The murder rate in cities is rising. 2016 figures indicate that urban crime of this type is becoming a bigger problem. In particular, a couple of American cities are experiencing upswings in violent urban crime. Incidences of violent crime in Chicago went up by 17.7 percent during 2016. Chicago, Illinois is a place where a whopping forty-four percent of murders are carried out yearly.

In addition, Charlotte, North Carolina is known for its plethora of drug-related homicides, as well as many homicides which stem from domestic disputes/violence. Crimes of this type are expected to increase by over thirteen percent during this year (2017).

Why Is Urban Crime Increasing?

Well, the two cities that we’ve mentioned in this article are hotbeds for urban crime and they are driving up statistics. The problem of controlling urban crime is a focus for many law enforcement agencies and other types of organizations, such as Community Watchdog organizations and security firms. Many members of these organizations feel that educating youth is the key to lowering urban crime numbers in the future.

In particular, rioting which leads to violence, including murder, is believed to be linked with youth and it’s important to understand the role that proper parenting, the educational system and education via law enforcement agencies and other community-minded organizations plays. There are many facets involved in educating youth about right and wrong as it pertains to the law.

There is some evidence that making sure neighborhoods are well-lit, clean and walkable helps to reduce urban crime levels. A study performed in Rotterdam showed that improvements in these key areas reduced incidences of urban crime by big percentages. For example, when streets were improved via cleaning, reduced speed of traffic and other initiatives, drug crimes decreased by thirty percent. Burglary crimes decreased by twenty-two percent and vandalism crimes decreased by thirty-one percent.

As well, citizens of America’s cities will do well to protect themselves by investing in home security solutions. For example, video surveillance systems are helping people to catch perpetrators. Alarms which are wired to central stations also offer residents of cities access to quick support when trouble strikes. In addition, landlords and other interested parties may install CCTV systems which make it easy to monitor key areas, such as entryways and pathways. CCTV is utilized more often in cities nowadays. In Britain, it’s a popular defense against urban crime. It’s a deterrent and also helps police to catch those who break the law.

Can Urban Crime be Stopped?

Urban crime will never be eradicated. However, some countries are much better at controlling it than others. For example, the island city-state of Singapore has the world’s lowest murder rate. Clearly, it is possible to run a country where urban homicide is not an everyday fact of life. America’s gun laws may contribute to its higher incidence of murder. As well, its dense population is a factor.


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