Law-enforcement careers

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Some of the hottest careers in law enforcement.

After more than 10 years of declining rates of crime all over the United States, crime – in every single category – is on the rise clear across the US. This may not bode all that well for society in general, but those looking to pursue law-enforcement careers are going to have the opportunity to do so in a variety of different fields. There are more law enforcement career opportunities today than there may have ever been before.

Here are just some of the hottest careers in law enforcement that people are choosing to pursue today!

Agents for the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation already has 35,000 individuals on its payroll, but the FBI is always looking to hire new special agents and investigatory personnel. Support personnel are also being hired left and right, with intelligence analysts, specialists in languages, scientists, IT experts, and other professionals being snapped up by the FBI on a regular basis.

Police officers

According to information released by the US Department of Labor, the increase in crime across the United States has led to state police organizations and local police organizations increasing their hiring quotas – in some areas rather dramatically.

Today, police departments all over the United States are looking to bring in as many new police officers as they are able to. Individual applicants with college training in police science, military or ex-military members with empty experience, or those with some type of law enforcement background are given priority but there’s still room for everyone to become a police officer if they wish to go in this direction.

The US Marshals are hiring, too

The number one organization in the United States for hunting fugitives and capturing those that are trying to evade law enforcement, the US marshals hire qualified men and women more than almost any other law enforcement organization in the country right now. If you are looking to pursue a law-enforcement career, this may be the kind of opportunity that you were hoping for.

Forensic scientists are in demand

More and more high school-aged kids are being encouraged to pursue degrees in the STEM fields, it is not just so that they can found their own technology company and eventually become billionaires out of Silicon Valley. Forensic scientists are very much in demand as far as law-enforcement careers are concerned, and state and local organizations are looking to bring as many of these experts on board as they are able to and will be looking to add forensic scientists for years and years to come.

Look for work with US Customs

The US Customs and Broader Protection agency is an agency member of the United States Department of Homeland Security and as much a law-enforcement career has any of the others on this list.

There has been a major surge in the amount of people that are applying for jobs with US Customs, mostly because these agents are tasked with finding and preventing terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States while also investigating international trade and trafficking crimes that happen with an alarming frequency.

More than 41,000 employees are already working for US Customs, but they are looking to add significantly to their workforce is the same as every other field that we mentioned on this list of law-enforcement careers.


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