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A felony is a serious crime. This type of crime is considered to have a “high degree of seriousness”, in contrast to a misdemeanor. Today, we’d like to share a felonies list which will help you to determine which crimes do have a “serious” classification.

In the USA, the federal government considers felonies to be crime which may be punished via death or via imprisonment which lasts for more than a year.

Now, let’s talk about which crimes are categorized as felonies…

Felonies List for America

Aggravated assault or battery make the list, as do manslaughter, which is the killing of another which isn’t intentional. Another example of a felony crime is cruelty to an animal or animals. As well, homicide which is vehicular is considered to be a felony. Also, arson, burglary, larceny, tax evasion and an array of fraud crimes fit this category of “serious” criminal acts.

Those who make, sell, distribute and possess (with the intention of distributing) certain forms and/or amounts of drugs which are illegal are also at risk of being convicted of felonies. State laws for possession without the intent to distribute vary. For example, within Virginia, cocaine and/or heroin possession without the intention of distributing the drugs may classify as a felony crime.

Other examples of felony crimes include grand theft, grand larceny, vandalism which happens on property that is federal, rape and sexual assault, treason, obstruction of justice, kidnapping, check fraud, perjury, infringement of copyright, mail fraud, wire fraud, child pornography, parole violation, probation violation (or recognizance bond violation) and threatening a police officer or judge.

Top Five Felonies in the USA

In America, some felonies are more common than others. At the top of list is drug abuse violations. These are extremely common. At present, two million violations of this type happen every year. Next on the list is property crimes, which include theft, larceny, burglary, auto theft and arson. At number three are DUI offenses, which certainly require a lot of state resources, including law enforcement services. Assault is the fourth most common felony and there are one million assault cases filed each annum. Next is disorderly conduct.

How to Fight a Felony Charge

A felony criminal defense attorney who brings years of experience and knowledge to the table will be your best ally as you try to beat a felony charge. The type of legal eagle will look at all available evidence in your case, consider the probable legal strategy of the prosecutor and then come up with a legal strategy to fight your case in court. Outcomes for felony cases vary widely. However, the odds of beating a felony will go up when you have proper legal representation. It’s best to select an attorney who specializes in fighting these types of cases, as they are serious cases which require special skills and experience.

One you have a good lawyer, it will be easier to build a strong defense in court.

Felonies are, by nature, serious crimes. People who are convicted of felonies may spend time in state prisons and some may end up on Death Row. Crimes which pose a threat to society bring the longest sentences and the most stigma. For this reason, many convicted felons who have served their time and then been released find it difficult to integrate back into society. For example, they may have more difficulty getting employment due to their criminal records.

If you’ve been charged with a felony crime, retaining the services of the right type of lawyer will make all of the difference. So, why not seek out appropriate legal counsel today?

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